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So, I buy a book for a kindle. Can I read it anywhere else? No. I buy a book for my ipad. Can I read it on my nook? Nope! I have shelves of books and when a friend comes over and says, "Can I borrow this?" I can say no but it's my choice. I can also say, "Yes."

But until ebooks provide the ability to share they won't be the next big thing.

The next great app

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We're currently in our annual search for the next great application. Will it be web-based or desktop? Will it be for Apple or PC or both or perhaps some other platform.

Will it really make a difference?

Dial a human

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When you call some service whether its UPS or Orbitz or Cablevision what you usually want is a human. This website tells you how to get to the human that hopefully is there:

Thanks to Heather for this tip!
In the news is the Sidekick fiasco where a service has lost customer's data. And this is just part of what is wrong with the whole concept of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is the latest innovation. But what is it? Use a browser as a word processor, for example, where your data is stored somewhere on the Internet and you're doing cloud computing. Before the advent of the personal computer all computing was a small version of a cloud. That is, there were servers and workstations tied to the servers and all the data was stored on the server. This was fine if your company had good backup procedures.

But now the data is store somewhere on the internet. You have no control over how it is done and that's the problem.


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Recently my old phone was dying and I decided to spring for an iPhone. Let me preface by saying virtually all of my experiences with Apple (the corporation... not the fruit) have been less than satisfying. So there are those who know me who would be surprised that not only did I buy an iPhone but that I think it's terrific.


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When you want to be inspired click here!

TED is an amazing resource but rather than tell you about it just try it yourself.

Bump me!

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Today I received an invite to beta test BumpTop ( While it's only in beta and it has a way to go to be a truly polished product it is very interesting none-the-less.
Being interested in things that increase performance I've heard so many for years marvel at their various iPods, Blackberrys, Palms, etc.

Ho, Ho, Ho... Bah Humbug!

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So it's the holiday season and all through the house are people wrapping technology... cameras, ipods, blackberrys, PCs, TVs, Microwaves, Roombas, and all.

What's your blood type?

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Recently in discussing the recession and trying to think about why the business of creating custom software does so well during times of recession. I thought about how having a piece of software is like having a blood type.

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