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Recently my old phone was dying and I decided to spring for an iPhone. Let me preface by saying virtually all of my experiences with Apple (the corporation... not the fruit) have been less than satisfying. So there are those who know me who would be surprised that not only did I buy an iPhone but that I think it's terrific.

Recently we moved our home phone from Verizon to Ooma and what a difference. Verizon epitomizes the old way... landline, traditional phone service, expensive. Ooma, like Vonage, and others shows us the new way... internet based (Voice Over Internet Protocol), inexpensive, non-traditional, and feature-rich.
Being interested in things that increase performance I've heard so many for years marvel at their various iPods, Blackberrys, Palms, etc.

It's Magic!

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You've seen the ads that tell you to get rid of your regular phone line with all of it's costs and get yourself a Magicjack.
So does it work?
When Amazon announced it's Kindle electronic book reader I was excited. It seemed a step up from the Sony Book Reader. But quickly I discovered that wasn't so.
Recently I was asked, "Looking at the holiday ads, I ran across various ads for combination printer/scanner/copier/fax, and printer/scanner/copier, and so on - ranging up to $100.  I also found an ad for a printer/scanner copier for $29, and a fax for $10 (marked down from $60).

We don't need  a printer, but the other features would be handy.  Do you have any suggestions?"


Yep. I do.


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