It's Magic!

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You've seen the ads that tell you to get rid of your regular phone line with all of it's costs and get yourself a Magicjack.
So does it work?
It does!
But you have to understand how it works to determine if it works for you. Essentially it piggy-backs onto your internet service and to start with it should be clear, but if it's not, it will not work with dial-up service since dial-up service depends on you having a regular phone line.
But if you have good quality cable/broadband service this device may be something to consider.
So, I've already said it works. But how well does it work? Really well! Not so well! Terrible! Pretty good! The idea is this. It depends on the quality of your broadband connection. During a recent trip to Senaca Falls, NY (finger lakes region of upstate NY) I used my Magic Jack with my laptop via the hotel's internet service. It was terrific.
In my home-office when I'm on the internet as well as my wife the quality of connectino may break-up a little.
How does it work? First go to Magicjack and view their videos. There is only one thing you need to know beyond the video. Dialing any number requires all 10 digits. That is, 1 + area code + plut the 7-digit number. If you find that real annoying (doesn't bother me) then it may not be for you.
Have you tried it? What do you think? 

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