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Custom software for you?

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We write custom software that our customers use to help their businesses perform better. You may or may not have ever thought of custom software for your business but perhaps you should.

We find that when times are tough our business gets better. In fact, when I recently saw a list of periods of recession over the last 35ish years I was stunned to realize that they were, by far, my busiest periods.


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When you want to be inspired click here!

TED is an amazing resource but rather than tell you about it just try it yourself.

Bump me!

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Today I received an invite to beta test BumpTop (www.Bumptop.com). While it's only in beta and it has a way to go to be a truly polished product it is very interesting none-the-less.

Ted Nelson--  A name I first came across decades ago when I got a copy of his dual book "Computer Lib: You Can and Must Understand Computers Now" and "Dream Machines: New Freedoms Through Computer Screens - A Minority Report."

Being interested in things that increase performance I've heard so many for years marvel at their various iPods, Blackberrys, Palms, etc.

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