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We write custom software that our customers use to help their businesses perform better. You may or may not have ever thought of custom software for your business but perhaps you should.

We find that when times are tough our business gets better. In fact, when I recently saw a list of periods of recession over the last 35ish years I was stunned to realize that they were, by far, my busiest periods.
Why is that? I think it's because during tough economic times people try to do more with less and in this age where computers make themselves felt in all sorts of ways it's logical that people will try to find more ways to do more and computers will be the key factor.

It seems there are two types of customers for our customized software. Some use the software to do more less expensively. Others find ways to use our software as a tool to bring in new business.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

First let's look at a customer whose business is bogged-down because they can't get all of their work done on time. That customer might think that they are using our software to make their days easier but actually they are saving the business. Let's say you run a landscaping business. A customer calls and asks when you can come. You say it will be a week or two because right then you're very busy. Perhaps the customer calls someone else.

Custom software might help you realize that Thursday is actually a lighter day than you realized and could fit the customer in. If only you had known. Perhaps you spend too much time handling government forms and we could help by automating that process leaving you more time to be on the phone suggesting services to your potential customer base.

But take another customer who uses our services as a sales tool. This customer asked us to do a job which would allow them to offer a new service to their clients. Tthat job ended up costing about $10,000. However, the day job was finished they were able to land a client that gave them $1,000,000 worth of new  business because of the job we had done.

So all we are saying is consider spending to make money and improve that bottom line.

If you think we may be able to help give us a call.

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