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If you've had a computer for any length of time you've probably found some pieces of software that you really like and which you use because they just make things easier.

Here's my list. Some are free and some cost.

  • CCleaner - - This free program (they do appreciate donations) makes quick work of cleaning out the crap that infests our computers: temporary files, cookies, etc. But it also has some other important functions including a registry cleaner & repair tool, and, my favorite tool - an uninstaller that works better (in my opinion) than the one that comes with windows.

  • Recuva -  - This is another free program from piriform (the makers of CCleaner). It will attempt to recover deleted files. If the area on your hard drive where the original files has been over-written there's no hope but if not, Recuva will get it back.

  • Diskeeper - - This defragmenter works in background (you'll forget it's there) keeping your drive unfragmented. With this product there's no need to periodically defragment your drive because it never gets fragmented.

  • Stardock software - - These guys make a wealth of products which you can purchase individually or bundled on an annual subscription basis which is what I do. Besides allowing you to dramatically change the look of your desktop, they also create a wealth of additional tools. My favorites include: ObjectBar, Fences, DesktopX, TweakVista, Virtual Desktops, and WindowBlinds.
In addition to these I use Thunderbird for email, RecentX to manage my documents, NewsRover to read newsgroups, Acronis for backup, Rollback which is similar to Goback from Symantec,  and Evernote for capturing information I want to store.

So that's enough for now. What do you use?

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Totally second the choices mentioned. Diskeeper has been my latest addition and true to its claim, defrags perfectly in automatic mode, without leaving fragmented files, even under less than 15% free space. Defragging is effortless now.


Thanks for mentioning about RecentX. Appreciate it very much.

Gautam Jain
Conceptworld (Developers of RecentX)

RecentX is a wonderful program and a great idea (wish I'd thought of it). It saves me tons of time when I need a document and can't remember it's name.

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