Phones, VOIP... the new paradigm

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Recently we moved our home phone from Verizon to Ooma and what a difference. Verizon epitomizes the old way... landline, traditional phone service, expensive. Ooma, like Vonage, and others shows us the new way... internet based (Voice Over Internet Protocol), inexpensive, non-traditional, and feature-rich.
We chose Ooma over Vonage for two reasons:
  1. We had a Vonage line for several years and they never managed to be able to transfer our home number to their service.
  2. Ooma seemed better (I don't insist it is).
With Ooma you buy a box either from them or a one of the many brick and mortor stores that carry their boxes. In the box is a device that connects to your cable modem (yes it requires broadband) and your phone system plus another device (the Ooma Scout) for connecting to an additional phone device.

I particularly like the many features including having both your cell phone and home phone ring when receiving a call. This makes receiving calls on the road a snap

Do you have .experience with VOIP? Tell me what you think.

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