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Recently my old phone was dying and I decided to spring for an iPhone. Let me preface by saying virtually all of my experiences with Apple (the corporation... not the fruit) have been less than satisfying. So there are those who know me who would be surprised that not only did I buy an iPhone but that I think it's terrific.

The iPhone makes it easy. That in a nutshell is what I like. So, I have an iPhone. I can make calls and that's nice but that's to be expected. I've seen the ads for all of the apps and that was interesting but what did I care... I'd never use those.

Two days after getting the iPhone I was in a discount wine store and there were two wines I was considering that I knew absolutely nothing about. Suddenly I thought of the iPhone apps. WIthin a few short minutes I had downloaded and installed an app to help me evaluate which wine to get.

That same week my doctor said I should walk more and I said I had been walking through a woods several times each week. He asked how far I walked and I realized I had no idea. The next time as I started out I pulled out the iPhone and found a pedometer app. Now I not only know how far I walk but I can log it.

The people who designed the iPhone really seem to understand about helping people perform better. Great product.

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