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For years I've believed in AVG from Grisoft. Great anti-virus software except for when it isn't. I'll explain. Recently AVG software has been really persistent about wanting to install the Yahoo toolbar which I don't want, don't use, don't like. So I say no. Yet at some point I always end up with it. Arggh!

Then there is the issue of my remote control software. I support people using a product called Remote Helpdesk-- a great product. But it appears to get blocked periodically by AVG. And then there is RADMIN which we use to remote into our client's machines and which they use to work on their office machines from home. Another piece of great software which AVG vigorously blocks regardless of what you tell it to do.

So it was time to look for something else.
I have two-monitors attached to my computer. You might think that was enough real estate but I also use a Virtual Desktop Manager so that I can run multiple desktops. 

How does it work? Think of your computer's desktop as a page showing icons and giving you a place to run your programs. A Virtual Desktop Manager allows you to have more than one desktop page. My favorite is Goscreen (www.goscreen.info).

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