Cloud Computing does not compute

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In the news is the Sidekick fiasco where a service has lost customer's data. And this is just part of what is wrong with the whole concept of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is the latest innovation. But what is it? Use a browser as a word processor, for example, where your data is stored somewhere on the Internet and you're doing cloud computing. Before the advent of the personal computer all computing was a small version of a cloud. That is, there were servers and workstations tied to the servers and all the data was stored on the server. This was fine if your company had good backup procedures.

But now the data is store somewhere on the internet. You have no control over how it is done and that's the problem.
This means that if the company you're depending on to secure your data is lax, your data is not secure. Worse, let's assuming you expect that the data will also be secure from prying eyes. Is it? Well maybe.

The company may say that it stores data using the latest razmataz encryption method but how do you know? Who do you trust? T-Mobile told people their Sidekick data was secure. They lied. And if they lie what about Google and Microsoft (both of whom are pushing the concept of the cloud).

So thank you but no thanks! I'll do all my work locally and if I should need to have data available via the internet I will encrypt it myself before I place it there and only use it as an additional backup.

What's your thoughts?

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