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The panel says, "For the past 20 years, the United States has struggled unsuccessfully to devise a strategy to counter these new kinds of threats..." and I just wonder how we can consider, in this era, something that has existed for "20 years" as new.

Uh, it's not new. It is true the government has not dealt well with the issue and I suspect the problem falls mainly into the political arena.

Some years ago I had a chat with a political appointee who mentioned that his plan was to use a computer system that the prior administration had recommended. I was puzzled but he went on to explain that often new political appointees nix the work done by the prior administration in favor of trying to do something new. Since no administration since Roosevelt has existed for more than 8 years and since this has been a twenty year problem I suspect that reinventing the wheel is where the problem lies.
If so, do we expect the Obama administration to do any better? My answer is no but I hope so and I hope it will tackle the problem without resorting to doing violence to our rights.
The idea that they may attempt to secure their computers by compromising our right to be anonymous concerns me deeply.
Perhaps you don't think that we have a right to be anonymous but consider that we surely have a right to be able to speak our minds freely and I have to ask if that can be done if "Big Brother" is watching what we do.
What do you think?

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